About Nicole Wells

Who me?

In the ethos where herds of story ideas run wild and free, I am known as the Devourer of Books.  A voracious predator, I --


Okay.  I’m a mom of three young children.  And I spend way too much time in the fantasy world in my head.  But, hey, in this world I’m still supernatural.  I channel the powers of my insomnia for good.  I’m impervious to kid whining and insults (well, mostly).  I have a second sense for cereal disasters and broken toy catastrophes.  They call me Mom, which is code for You’re-Awesome-We-Love-You or Stop-Writing-On-Your-Computer-and-Play-With-Me.  I’m not sure which.  My kryptonite is my pet peeves:  water running down my elbows, food stains on papers, and losing the little plastic tethers when you remove the tags off new clothes.


So, yeah, that's me.  Your average superhero mom.  Oh, and I’ve got three eyes (one in the back of my head).

UpSpark is my debut novel, Book One of the Five Elements Series.  StarDust is the second book of the Five Element series, and TwinFlames the third.  Interested in reading the Prequel? Sign up for my newsletter.


The Worst Story Ever Written is a humorous paranormal romance, and the first in the Vampires, Werewolves, and Paranormal Romance series, followed up by The Happiest Ending.  Not to be outdone, I have nine other books clamoring to be finished. 


Your comments fuel my passion.  Let me know what you think!  And help me name worlds and characters.  Seriously, my werewolf princess needs a name.  I'm on that place where you can book people's faces, IG, and also where you can croak at a blue bird. 

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