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"It just takes a spark, Enya.  You don't need to be anything more than you."

When Enya learns she has a terminal disease the summer before college, her dreams to make a difference in the world are cut short.  Instead, she joins her best friend Jacob on a cross country road trip to explore his Native American roots.  Psychic visions are just the start as Enya embarks on a spiritual journey that will break the world she knows, and open her to more than she could have imagined.  


★★★★★  Your characters are strong, real and true. I just love it. 

★★★★★  A beautiful story, captivating and endearing… 

★★★★★  I truly believe this is the sweetest friends to lovers I’ve ever read! 

★★★★★  I loved it… The story was beautiful...

★★★★★  Evocative, imaginative, clever.  I really enjoyed it!

★★★★★  Broke my heart in all the right ways

★★★★★  Romantic, magical and inspiring

★★★★★  What a heart touching read!!!

★★★★★  Loved this book! All the feels! … Incredible debut novel

Great for fans of Where the Forest Meets the Stars and The Fault in Our Stars.

25% of sales will be donated to Native American charities.

UpSpark is a speculative fiction romance, and the first book in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance Five Elements Series, but it can be read as a standalone novel.

“...Not broken, but breaking into something real and beautiful…”

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Chapter One

Private Medical Practice

Silver Spring, Maryland

June 2017

    I'M WAITING IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM.  I've moved from the exam table to the plastic chair at its side.  I feel like I have more fortitude here.  It's a little more familiar and less lonely than being elevated and exposed on the exam table.  My mom is still in the waiting room.  I didn't really think it would best for her to be here.  I mean, Jesus, dad only died a year and a half ago.  But what if it's positive?  I wouldn't be able to drive myself home after that.  And I couldn't ask a friend.  It's just ... too much.  Too personal.

    I also moved to the chair because every time I moved on the table, every fidget, every deep breath, caused that damn paper to crinkle, like a mocking echo of my nervousness.  A refrain to my thoughts.  I decided I could do without the added exclamation of the too-loud crinkle in the too-quiet room.

    My thoughts circle around and around, only pausing when I wonder how much time has passed.  I refuse the temptation to check my phone, but then lose the fight to keep my eyes off the clock on the wall.  It's been three minutes.  Goddamn, but the brain can think a helluva lot of thoughts in three minutes.

    Happy birthday to me.

    My name is Enya.  I'm 18.  Newly minted.  Just a couple weeks ago, actually.   To most kids, that means another degree of freedom.  Moving out of the house, entering official adulthood, starting the rest of their lives, maybe beginning the independence of college.  To me, it means I get to take a test.  

    A genetic test.

★★★★★  I really felt like I knew the characters personally.

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