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Book 3 of the Five Elements

A secret camp in the woods. A revolution in the making. And a fighter that will change what it means to be human.

There are five human Elements granted special powers to save the world. Does MMA fighter Maia have what it takes? Will her own personal vendetta and grief over her twin sister's traumatic loss weigh her down? Or will she see the love and help right in front of her, in the form of a sexy biker?


Gabe has never met anyone like Maia, and is lured into her mission of revenge. But what starts out as a quest for justice turns into something so much more—talk of magic, prophecies and battle.


Find out what dangerous secrets await Maia and Gabe as they journey through the western woods of North America and beyond, spying on a new enemy that threatens all of humanity.


"Your writing … is so smooth and vivid in this book, I am on the edge of my seat here!”


“I just finished reading your book and all I can say is I WILL CRY UGLY TEARS IF I DON’T GET TO READ THE NEXT ONE! As in, I will force my kids to name my future first granddaughter, Nicole Wells, just to be on your good side.”


“I had to restrain myself from reading really fast. I fell into the story immediately and I love the way you really write!”


“OMFG WHAT IS THAT ENDING!!!!!!!! Say waaaaaaaa That is such an epic ending - !! Honestly I loved it, I’m not gonna lie…”

"I really LOVE how all the characters are coming together from all the books."

Also available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play stores.


Chapter One

"You're going down, bitch." She looks at me with fury in her eyes before she unleashes a punch to the face.

One that I easily evade.

I don't waste my energy to announce my intentions before I deliver a one-two punch to her gut.

It doesn't have the satisfying crunch of a broken nose or ribs, but it'll do.

Knowing she'll be momentarily doubled over, I position myself for a roundhouse kick that will knock her off balance.

And then she's down.

I reign in my cold, calculating mind and look at the girl on the floor, trying to feel some sympathy. Something other than emptiness or rage.

Greasy blonde hair with dark roots spreads in disarray around her head on the ground. She looks younger than me.  These punks come to the ring to work out their anger, but they know nothing about rage.

The ref finishes his count and the fight is over.  Probably too fast. I'd make more in my next round if I wasn't such a clear favorite. But I don't care about my haul much anymore.  After the first few thousand, it's all the same.

What a difference this money would have made a few months ago.

If only I'd had it then, maybe my sister--

I ruthlessly bludgeon that train of thought. But the lingering irony of it makes me want to punch something.

I climb out of the cage, needing to move and too impatient for the locks.

"Hey, Rage." One of the faceless strangers crowding the cage wants my attention. Probably some guy who's aiming to be my manager. Thinks he can take a share of the cut, just waltz in like a typical guy and throw his weight around and screw things up. Or take all the credit.

"Shut the fuck up." I push another anonymous body out of my way. Usually they know to give me my space but this crowd is bigger than normal.  The underground MMA world has really exploded since I got on the scene.

I don't care to stick around.  The urge to move has me dancing on the balls of my feet again. I glug some water on my way to the back room, picking up my earnings from the bar as I go.

Usually I get some respite after a good fight, but it really was over too fast, and I'm still keyed up.  So I plan to ride instead.

I gather my beat-up bag and put on my gear.  That chick didn't even rouse a sweat, so I won't be hot in the extra leather.  Small mercies.

Out in the parking lot, I spy my black crotch rocket.  It's sleek lines beckon me to let her run fast and wild.  I know a stretch of road not too far from here with daring curves we could eat up, and I'm itching to go.

If only there wasn't a damn Harley in the way.

"Who the fuck blocked me in with their hog?"

I don't expect an answer, so the rumble from the shadows takes me by surprise. A rarity.

"Didn’t expect anyone to be coming out so soon.  Especially not a sexy thing like you.”

I turn to find a beast of a man nonchalantly taking my measure.

He's standing by the side door, holding onto his helmet, popping the muscles in arms as thick as tree trunks. His whole body is massive, like his bike.

I stare back at him. "Just move your ride, man."

His corded neck leads to a face in the shadows. I can pick out a crooked nose and long hair that match the body giving off vibes of danger and mystery. But I don't want to tangle.  He's intimidating in a way that cool competence brings.  And this flare of heat that he's ignited, something that I thought long died inside me, means he's trouble.

★★★★★  I really felt like I knew the characters personally.

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