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Five Elements to save the world

and change what it means to be human

Get ready for a magical, action-packed ride full of romance, laughter, tears, twists and turns! 
Urban Fantasy action and Sci-fi adventure, deliciously combine with Paranormal Romance to give this series all the feels. 


In our world of water, there is a grave imbalance happening, causing natural disasters and triggering the emergence of five human Elements. Each Element must discover their superpower, uncovering secrets along the way. Will uniting the elements be enough to save the Earth from destruction, or will they find a new path and way of being, realizing the most powerful magic of all is love?

"I truly believe this is the sweetest friends to lovers I've ever read ..."
“This is one of the most spellbinding stories that I have ever read ... so addictive that I could not turn the pages fast enough..."
"A work of a timeless genius ... I highly recommend it to all readers as this is a must-read."
“An amazing read that I couldn't put down!”
"Excellent humour. Great dialogue, particularly great banter. ... Great characters.”
"One of the most unique and moving books I have ever read" 
"A total ride - very rich in setting with some incredible world building ... strong voices and personalities that bounced off the page." 
"Action-packed … lots of deliciousness … so moving." 
"Gave me goosebumps." 

Also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Google Play stores.

Jump in with Book One or Book Two and see why reviewers are raving! Want a taste? Sign up for my newsletter and get FirstLight, the prequel, FREE!

Everything you know about who you are is a lie …

And it all started with her.

Ari is the Chieftain's daughter, and also a powerful Seer. Amidst the decimation of her village, she is betrothed to a rival clan's son. But can she forgo the promise of the mystery man from her visions and let the flame she's carried for him die out?

Be careful when you trespass the divide between heaven and earth, the ripples may spin out for the rest of time.

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★★★★★  I really felt like I knew the characters personally.

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