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School's out but Magic School is just starting!

Summer's here and I can't believe how the time has flown!

Midlife Magic School is out in print now, and the ebook will be live (and in Kindle Unlimited) in just over 10 days! Whaaat?

Reviews on Goodreads are raving:

"When I read this book I couldnt put it down. I love it so much."

"Plenty of action and intrigue ... If you sighed when you turned 11 and no letter came from Hogwarts, sigh no more - pick up Midlife Magic School instead!"

"This story has it all; comedy, love and romance, action and more. I highly recommend this book just for the hijinks and smiles and stay for the adventure and love."

"This is such an amazing book ... I fell in love with this book from the beginning and I highly recommend it to everyone"

"Truly magical , stunning writing - a must read."

"This is an awesome paranormal women's fiction story... full of magical adventure and mayhem"

"This was such a quick and fun read. I liked the twists and turns and the added element of supernatural politics"

"I was hooked in right away ... thoroughly enjoyed the magic..."

"I loved the book, there's action, magic, witches, shifters, elementals and, don't forget, cute familiars."

I'm also working on a complete overhaul of The Worst Story Ever Written, a funny paranormal romance with a touch of cozy mystery. It'll be re-released in September. Keep your eyes peeled for a short story, "The Great Royal Rod Debacle", set in the same universe as part of The Royal Rods Anthology, which will be out October 7.

These days are flying by; do you feel it too? I'm taking a note from my characters and amping up my own self-care.

And I hope you are tending yourself as well. Enjoy your summer and enjoy some awesome beach reads! (If you need a recommendation, my good friend Sophia Somerville is releasing her contemporary romance Seven Nights in August. It's the perfect vacation beach read. Or, if you like a bit of suspense, be sure to check out N Dune's Beyond the Tideseries.) I'm going to be tucked into Edith Pawlicki's wonderful Immortal Beings series -- I'm trying my hardest to savor them!

BTW, did you know aardvarks weigh as much as an adult human? 110-180 pounds! I also learned during my research that snails have both male and female organs -- and "love darts" -- and have to decide who will be which sex when it's time to get it on! (Yes, the Worst Story is going to be one hell of an interesting read, haha)

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