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My First Giveaway! Let's do this!

One day, a story really wanted to be told. Three sleepless weeks later it was done, and four harrowing months later it was all edited and the pieces put in place for publishing.

What a departure from my prior roles as physician, acupuncturist, small business woman and stay at home mom! Here I am, again holding the same baby I was when I first wrote the story out on my cell phone while she slept.

I think it's time to celebrate! I found a gorgeous one-size-fits-all handmade turquoise gemstone bracelet. How neat that this gem is known for clearing toxic energy, increasing compassion, and promoting spiritual growth, just like Enya with her terminal diagnosis and her own journey? And there's a little bit of Jacob in it, with it's touch of indigenous flair and calming vibes.

Enter my giveaway and also keep up to date on future giveaways!

And thanks for supporting UpSpark! <3

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Miembro desconocido
07 jul 2020

I’m looking forward to reading your new book!!

Me gusta
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