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Hang in there!

I've officially set the release date for UpSpark to 7/25, moving it up a little now that preliminary reviews are in. W00-hoo! I've proofed the print edition and it's being received well, although my 5 year old says "It's kinda old already" (the book had just came in the mail the day before). Kids these days! Can't keep up with them.

It's a new milestone for me in this unexplored land. It reminds me that we are in a time of great change. What does the world look like to the caterpillar who doesn't know her cocoon of dark is a shelter, her body dissolving is making way for wings?

"In the deep dark unknowing of your soul, what possibility will you birth?" Today is a new day, and anything is possible. I hope you hold the spark, and let your light shine! <3

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1 Comment

Jul 12, 2020

Congrats on the release date! :)

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