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Five books deep

Here I am celebrating another birthday, and I can't believe I've published five books, started a new pen name and also wrote a short story plus a novella.

Pinch me.

It's too good to be true. When I wrote UpSpark, I was so unsure and nervous--

Okay, I still am, but in many ways I'm more confident, too--confident enough to let go and trust. It's part of the beauty of flexing this artistic muscle. From writing to cover design, I feel more connected and fulfilled. My right brain couldn't be happier, and my left brain likes tackling the skill of my craft. It's all a new experience for me, and I love it!

My dreams are getting bigger. My books are getting better.

It's something worth celebrating.

So, I've got a few giveaways, 'cause to be honest, I've gotten quite attached to the warm fuzzies of gift giving since I was a little girl.

Last month I gave away some print copies on Goodreads. Now I'm giving away some print copies on Instagram and TikTok.

And soon I'll be doing my biggest giveaway yet! It's all hush-hush, but stay tuned!

(If you can't wait, subscribe to my newsletter. You'll also learn how you can get personalized, autographed copies of my books.)

Well, I'd better get back to the writing--there's so many stories that want to come alive! It's so exciting!

P.S.-- Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, just so damn excited about an idea? I'm putting it here, a virtual signpost. There's this book, it's not just a passion project, its the passion project. The one I've been harboring since high school. It's been decades, and it'll be a while still, but hot damn I'm so excited. #TSOB. That's it. That's all I'm saying. The acronym.

T. S. O. B.

*whispers to self while stroking imaginary lap cat* "T. S. O. B."

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