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I actually tried to keep a lot of the songs to the time period!  YouTube links after each item.  Check them out, and let me know if you agree, any favorites, and ones you’d add!  Just comment below.

 [Side note -- I discovered Tinashé as I wrote this and loved everything from his “Live at the Union Chapel London.” He now goes by Rationale.] 


Part One

Desperately Wanting -- Better than Ezra.  Running in woods after diagnosis

Desperately Wanting

Oh-ooh -- Keri Noble.  Scene with mom hugs 


Enchanted Taylor Swift.  Jacob first sees Enya soon after his vision quest, then hears this song and it describes his experience perfectly!  The beginning of becoming a Swiftie.  Taylor Swift - Enchanted (Audio) 

Lane Boy -- twenty one pilots.  Driving away, start of trip 

twenty one pilots: Lane Boy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Mountain Sound -- Of Monsters and Men. Running in the woods holding hands Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (Official Video)

Because I Do -- Pearl and the Puppets. San Francisco park 

Pearl & The Puppets - Because I Do


Part Two


Miss you (live) -- Tinashé

Tinashe - Miss You

Stubborn Love -- Lumineers

The Lumineers - "Stubborn Love" (Official Video)

Heart’s on Fire -- Passenger. 

Passenger | Heart's On Fire (Official Video)


Part Three


Saved -- Tinashé.

Tinashe - Saved

Wonder -- Natalie Merchant. 

Natalie Merchant - Wonder

Light of Love -- Florence + the Machine.

Light Of Love


Spark -- Amber Run. 

Amber Run - Spark (Official Music Video)

People Help the People -- Birdie. 

Birdie - People Help the People

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