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Going back to school at fifty is the least of Chloe's worries

A magical inheritance. A dog with an attitude. A sexy headmaster. And people trying to kill her.

When Chloe receives a bolt of magic out of the blue on her fiftieth birthday, she’s cast into an exciting but tumultuous world filled with Shifters, Elementals, Witches, and one very hot headmaster Witch. In order to return the inheritance to its rightful owner, and satisfy her curiosity at the same time, she must go to the Universal Magush Academy and learn all about the magical community while keeping one big secret—she’s human.

Or is she?

Threats to her life and those she holds dear lurk in every corner. As if that wasn’t enough, students and teachers alike hate her on sight.

As she digs deep to discover who she is, she finds herself in the middle of two battles: one for the fate of humanity and one for the peace of the magic realm. Soon these twisting fates have Chloe questioning everything she thought she knew.

But maybe, with the help of a sexy sidekick and a handful of misfit friends, she’ll teach this magic world a thing or two.

And she might just turn both worlds on their heads while she’s at it…

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"If you sighed when you turned 11 and no letter came from Hogwarts, sigh no more - pick up Midlife Magic School instead!"

"This story has it all, comedy, love and romance, action and more. I highly recommend this book just for the hijinks and smiles and stay for the adventure and love."

"As a midlifer myself, this is a very fun read. Chloe is my age and I love the idea that women of our generation will still have a lot of adventures in our future. Add on the humor, the magic and the love of a sweet, swoon-worthy guy and you'll get a well-thought of story that would really keep you turning the pages until the very end. Really worth reading!"

"Wow I enjoyed this book! ... It is such a novel story, gripping, exciting, nail biting and I CANNOT wait for more magic!! A must read."

"This is such an amazing book ... I fell in love with this book from the beginning and I highly recommend it to everyone."

"...such a strong character voice that had me laughing out loud at times."

"I love everything about this book, from its beautiful striking cover to the wit, charm (literally), character arcs, romance, suspense and friendships - inclduing pets - in this drama filled book! However for me the clincher is the world building ... Truly magical, stunning writing ..."

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★★★★★  I really felt like I knew the characters personally.

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